PT. BILL EMAS SARNO visited UswatunHasanah Orphanage


BILL EMAS SARNO has various programs to decorate the business world, one of the programs that has a huge impact on employees and the surrounding environment is the "Social Sharing Program". In this sharing program there is one program that is routinely carried out every month, namely "a visit to the Orphanage".

February 15th 2020 PT. BILL EMAS SARNO visited UswatunHasanah Orphanage. The UswatunHasanah Orphanage is located on the Sungai Binti, Sagulung District, Batam City, Riau Islands. UswatunHasanah Orphanage is occupied by 17 foster children who are of childbearing age, 15 of whom are in elementary school and junior high school, while 2 others are still in early age (not yet in school).

When our party arrived, the children welcomed with smiles and laughter. Before the main event began, from the caregiver to introduce briefly about the journey of the UswatunHasanah orphanage to the present, the group listened with enthusiasm and tawadhu. Then from the orphanage asked representatives from our group to give a welcome as well as motivation for the orphans. On that occasion the speech was delivered by M. Andi Wijaya as the group leader. He said "an expression of gratitude to the orphanage for providing an opportunity for PT. BILL EMAS SARNO to visit the UswatunHasanah Orphanage, he also expressed his hope that this friendship will be maintained and in a better condition ".

The children chanted a few verses of sholawat to provide entertainment to the group while waiting for the main program to start. After they finished attending the core program, we prayed together for the blessing of the event. After praying, the group invited the children to joke and play, the children felt very happy and cheerful. Engraved sweet smiles on our faces because of seeing and witnessing emission of happiness from those who seemed to have no burden on their shoulders, immediately crossed our minds "hopefully in the future we can return to visit this place by bringing greater benefits for those who settle here ".

After the event was over, the group also handed over aid in a swift manner and took a group photo with the children of the Orphanage before saying goodbye to returning and doing activities as usual.




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